The Most Common Garage Door Problems

There are several problems with garage doors that we regularly encounter through our work in Perth and the surrounding area, some of which only affect automatic doors and some of which may afflict manually operated doors as well. The good news is, such problems are rarely fatal and can normally be repaired in a matter of hours, either by yourself or by one of our experienced technicians. Below, we have listed 4 of the most common issues encountered by local residents, along with some tips on what to do if you should encounter these problems in your home.

Common Garage Door Repairs in Perth

If you should happen to experience any of the problems in the following list, you may either attempt the suggested fixes yourself (for those problems that are easily fixed without calling a technician) or simply get in touch with us, and we will be happy to send one of our garage door engineers in Perth to your home.

  1. Your Door Opens or Closes with a Bang – If you can hear a banging or thudding noise as your garage door opens or closes, the root of the problem is probably a broken torsion spring. Another common issue that causes the same symptoms is a broken lifting cable. In both cases, asking your local garage doors repair specialist in Perth to replace the broken component is the recommended solution.
  2. Your Automatic Door Fails to Open or Close Intermittently – If your garage door sometimes fails to open or close, there are a couple of common reasons behind such a fault that it is worth exploring before calling a technician for help. Firstly, the battery in your remote control may be coming to the end of its useful life. If this is the case, replacing the battery should immediately restore your garage door to normal working order. The second possibility, which is far less likely, is that your neighbour has an automatic door with the same remote control, and it is interfering with yours. This only occurs with older garage doors and can be fixed by upgrading the remote control system.
  3. Your Automatic Garage Door Starts To Close Then Opens Fully Again –  In the event that your door should start to close then go back up again, the most likely reason for this behaviour is poorly aligned photoelectric sensor units. Our garage door service in Perth covers the realignment of such sensors, so please feel free to call and ask for help if you are unable to align them yourself.
  4. The Motor Runs But Nothing Happens – Another common issue that happens with some automatic doors and one that is usually due to the disconnect switch having been enabled. To resolve the problem, simply disable the switch.

If you are experiencing any type of problem with your door and you would like some help, please do not hesitate to call at any time. We specialize in garage door repairs in Perth and will be delighted to be of service.