The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repairs

When something breaks around the home, there’s always a temptation to try and fix it ourselves. After all, nobody wants an unexpected expense, and sometimes a problem looks easy to fix. If your garage door is broken, it may look pretty simple to fix, but sometimes these systems can be much more complex. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t attempt a DIY repair of your garage door.

Garage doors are heavy and prone to fall

Even seemingly lightweight garage doors can weigh over 100 pounds, and if you attempt to fix them without specialist knowledge, they are prone to fall. This can damage your property and mean the doors will need to be replaced; it’s dangerous for you. It’s much better to look for someone who can do a garage door repair in Perth or your local area, as they’ll be used to working with garage door systems, and can minimise the risk of damage or injuries.

DIY injuries can be serious

Many people injure themselves through DIY each year, and it’s not just cuts and scrapes. Recent figures show that Australians suffer over 3,000 DIY related injuries each year, including amputations of limbs, fingers and toes caused by power tools. Fixing a garage door also means climbing a ladder, and this can be a peril of itself, and that’s before you consider specific dangers that come with doors such as springs and mechanisms.

It’s easy to use the wrong parts

When something like a garage spring becomes worn, it may look easy to repair and you may be able to pick one up in your local DIY store. However, it’s very easy to buy the wrong parts and you need to know:

  • The specific model of garage door
  • The year it was made
  • Whether there’s a better part to improve performance

It’s also difficult to tell what the real issue is when it comes to garage doors. It may seem like one part is the problem, but it could be something very different. Looking for garage door services in Perth or your local area means the problem can be properly diagnosed, and the repair carried out with the correct parts so further damage is avoided.

Your security can be compromised

Garages can contain expensive items, and if the garage is attached to your house then, it can be an access point for thieves. It’s important to secure your garage door properly, and if the door isn’t properly fixed, then it can become a security risk, perhaps even invalidating your insurance should you be burgled. Therefore, it’s important for a professional to check it over and ensure it’s secure.

If you’re a keen DIYer, you make think that your garage door will be easy to repair, but the systems can be more complicated than they look. To ensure a professional and secure repair, get in touch with Fix-A-Door, who can carry out all sorts of garage door repairs to a high standard.