Garage Door Repairs and Insurance

Making Insurance Claims for Garage Door Repairs

In this article, we are going to take a look at the topic of home insurance policies and garage door repairs. Whilst admittedly not a topic that is likely to generate a huge amount of interest at the average dinner party or neighborhood BBQ, it is one that all homeowners should consider. If you have your garage door serviced on an annual basis you will minimize the chances of it breaking down unexpectedly but you will still need to be ready to deal with accidental damage should it occur. With this in mind, we have collected our thoughts on the subject for your consideration.

Why Your Garage Door Matters

When your garage door is operating normally, it doesn’t seem like a very important part of your home but if it is accidentally damaged, you will quickly realize that this is not in fact the case. Whether you drive into it with your car or it is damaged by freak weather conditions, the result will be the same: a door that no longer looks or functions as it should.

Any damage to your garage door can seriously detract from your property’s curb appeal, which is one reason most homeowners are keen to repair such damage as soon as it occurs. This is especially so if you have used a garage door as an architectural feature in your home. Another reason is security: a garage door that no longer closes properly presents local criminals with an easy way into your home. Yet another reason to repair a damaged door at the earliest opportunity is the fact that it can leave your property exposed to the elements. Last but not least, you should consider the fact that a damaged or poorly functioning door can put excessive strain on the motor and other moving parts every time you open or close it.

Paying for Repairs to Your Garage Door

As you can see, it is essential that you repair a damaged door as soon as possible, in order to make sure you do not incur further costs in the long run. The good news is this: your garage door is considered to be part of your home, which means that it is almost certainly covered by your building insurance policy. If you want to make sure this is the case, call and talk to your insurer and when you do so, you might like to ask about taking out extra coverage for the opening mechanism so that you do not have to pay for a replacement motor in the event your existing one should burn out or otherwise malfunction.

What Steps to Take

If your garage door is damaged you should:

  • Contact Your Insurer to Initiate a Claim
  • Call Us to Request a Competitive Quotation for Our Garage Door Repairs Service
  • Send Details of the Quote to Your Insurer

Once these steps are completed, we can liaise with your insurance provider to make sure the repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently. If you do not have insurance, it is still worth calling to request a quotation as we are one of the most competitive repair companies in the area and our work will be backed by a 1-year, no-quibble guarantee.