Fix A Door – Garage Door Service

Your garage door is normally the largest moving part in your home and, as such, needs a regular Garage Door Service to meet the terms of your warranty, prolong its life and ensure it continues to operate safely.

Our skilled Service Technician provides a total maintenance service on residential manual and automatic garage doors. Our standard service is a similar requirement to your regular car maintenance and covers the following:

Check that all bolts are tight.

Check and retention springs, if necessary.

Clean door guides.

Lubricate all moving parts.

Check and adjust safety reverse system on automatic openers. Check and adjust open and close limits on automatic openers. Test to ensure safe and smooth operation.

Report and advise on further work, where necessary. Call Fixadoor Garage Door Repairs for a Free Quzote  Or Service on 0438002603


Receiving a call from a very distraught customer today

She was asleep in her bed and a sound woke her,

She noticed a man leaning over her taking her jewellery on

Her bedside table.

She started screaming luckily the intruder left, She noticed her bag was stollen and her keys. The keys were here house keys attached

with the Remote to the Garage Door.

She reported to the Police and rang Fix A Door

knowing safety is our priority we met Sally her house that morning Deleted the old codes and gave Sally new Remotes so the intruder  could not get in through the Garage Door

Sally also got her door locks replaced that morning.

With Fix A Doors quick response we were able to relieve Sally’s fear of the intruder returning.