A Guide to Your Garage Door Options

As experts in garage doors, we’ve put together this brief guide to help you understand the different types. Garage doors can make up to 20% of the overall façade of your home, so it’s important they look good as well as function properly. We’ve overseen thousands of garage door repairs in Perth over the years and can tell you that there are four basic types of doors: swing out, swing up, roll up, or slide to the side.


The most popular choice is usually a sectional roll-up door because they are the most compact and functional. However, if you need to keep the ceiling clear, swing-out or sliding doors are a good choice. If you prefer a basic garage door and have space, you can go for a swing-up door.

Style and Look

There may be space constraints that determine the style of the garage door you choose, but it’s also important to pick a door that suits the style of your home. For example, a modern roll-up door may look out of place on an older property, where a more traditional style of swing door may fit in better.

However, you needn’t allow the look of your home effect which style of garage door you have in place because there are many features that will determine how your garage door looks, such as panels, trim, and other detailing. You can change the way your garage door looks without changing the way it opens.

Stylish Garage Door


The traditional material to use for a garage door is wood, and it is still popular because of the way it looks. Wood doors may be visually appealing, but they require frequent repainting or refinishing and are susceptible to rot, particularly in damp climates.

Steel doors require much less maintenance. It is an inexpensive but very tough material, but if left exposed, steel will rust. This means any scratches to the paintwork have to be dealt with immediately and is one reason why some people choose a steel door with a fibreglass overlay, which resists dents and doesn’t rust.

Aluminium has long been a material of choice for garage doors, especially if they are the sturdy versions with heavy-duty frames and dent-resistant laminated panels. Although these can get expensive, many people feel it’s worth the investment over time. If you want to spend less, consider a door with an aluminium frame but panels made of other materials, such as high-density polyethylene, which is light and strong and much more cost-effective.

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